Kamloops Lake as seen from the Dewdrop area

Welcome to revealednature.com!  This is a web site/blog where nature pursuits can be reported and shared.

Some history about myself:

I have two children.  I live and work as an activities coordinator for students in Kamloops, BC, Canada.  I spent 2004-2016 in north east China where I was a high school teacher.  I have always had a fascination with all things nature and this led to becoming a birder a couple years after moving to China.  I have traveled, birded, and taken in nature events in China and also many locations in south-east Asia.  Now back in my home province of British Columbia I enjoy fishing, birding, and mammal watching among other things.

Yours truly by Salmon Glacier near Stewart, BC summer 2017

I like to think of nature in all its forms as being revealed to me instead of finding or discovering it.  We know so little in comparison with what there is to know in terms of how many “natural” things work.  The best birder I have ever met often says “always learning” when in discussion about how things work in the bird world.  It is my wish that this space here always reflects that motto.  The natural world is simply awesome and ripe for learning.  My passion involves showing natural things to others.  I have been privileged to be able to do this quite frequently in my job in China and continue to do this now.

With my kids, Mr. Sun, and an Oriental Scops Owl at the Laoteishan Banding Station in the autumn of 2013.

During my 12 years in China I started a thread under the China section on birdforum.net.  That thread, which can be found by clicking here, grew to 65 pages over time.  This space will be similar in some aspects and different in others.  I want to thank my good friend Terry Townshend who runs the excellent site birdingbeijing.com for inspiration in starting this.

Fortunately, the Kamloops area is perfect for an outdoors person.  One does not need to venture far to realize this is an area that is very wild.  Photographic evidence of that below.  Anyways, enjoy the site!


A Canada Lynx successfully hunting a Mallard in a city park


A Black Bear sow and her 3 cubs dozing in a tree near my backyard


A cooperative Spruce Grouse


A good sized Mule Deer buck in a local public park



  1. Hi Tom. it was nice to meet you, great pictures you have here.
    Please do leave me with your contact info for the winter trip we discussed earlier.., thanks!


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