Just before leaving China in 2016, Swarovski Optik helped to publish a field guide I had been working on for the past 10 years.  The name of this guide is “The Birds of Dalian“. This guide is 380 pages, full colour, and contains 3 or more images of each of the species it covers.  A short description and status in Dalian section is also included.  Bird names are printed in English and Mandarin.  This guide is available in English or Mandarin versions.  The Mandarin version was translated by an excellent birder from Sichuan.

image 10 (4)

Dalian is the city in Northeast China where I lived from 2004-2016.  It’s location on the end of a south facing peninsula ensures that this city sees a large portion of east Asian migrants and most are covered in the guide.  While the title reflects the city of Dalian, the species contained represent most found on the east Asian flyway.

To purchase one or more copies of the book, please see the link below:

Buy the book



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