Tunkwa Lake Provincial Park Ice Fishing November 19 and December 3, 2017

The early arrival of winter in mid-November had me purchasing an ice fishing shelter.  After suffering from cabin fever last winter and freezing my  fingers off the few times I did get out, a proper shelter was in the cards for this year.  I decided on an insulated Eskimo Fatfish 6 which will hopefully be built well enough to be used over many seasons here.  The earlier cool temperatures in November have been replaced by more “normal” weather now.  Tunkwa Lake is the nearest (45 minutes driving) lake I am aware of where the ice is ready for ice fishing right now so I’ve taken two trips there over the last few weekends.  We’ve had a couple of fish through the ice but it has been a bit slow.  Still need to learn how to properly ice fish Tunkwa.  Top group of photos is from Nov. 19, the bottom group from Dec. 3.  Big thanks to my buddy for bringing the rum and hot chocolate yesterday!


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