Edith Lake Ice Fishing December 23, 2017

My family and I and several other families braved the cold last Saturday and spent the afternoon on Edith Lake.  Some sledded down the adjacent hill, hiked to the top of another hill, tried out cross-country skis, drank various warm beverages, etc.. etc…  On the fishing front, only 1 Brook Trout (around 1 lb) was caught at dusk.  When the sun went down the temperature quickly dropped to -23.  A great day out on the lake!

Arriving at the lake
The Eskimo Fatfish 6i set up with the sledding track seen on the hill

I thought we would all be huddled up in the shelter because it was -15 when we arrived but we ended up sitting outside in the sun.  It was actually quite comfortable if dressed for it.

The 1 lb Brook Trout

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