Rubber Boa quest with Frank Ritcey

Last weekend Frank and some Kamloops Naturalist Club members led a group of students from the school I work for on a nature walk and gold panning trip.  Between the 30 students and 10 adults, we did get some gold and saw a minimum of 2 Gopher Snakes.  Frank mentioned that he was going to head out on a night hike to try to find Rubber Boa in a few days and I eagerly volunteered my services as a tag-a-long  🙂

Rubber Boas are the most difficult of the snakes in Kamloops to find I’m told.  This certainly put some uncertainty in my mind as we set out on our hike but I also was very aware that I was with Frank and, after some experience with nature related activities, I have learned it’s often about who you are with, not where you are….  By the end of the night we had 3 snake species, including a Rubber Boa, a frog, and toad.  In addition we enjoyed close views of a beaver at dusk and a single early Common Poorwill flying low right at us after dark.

It was amazing to be out in warmer weather and doing activities like this after such a long winter.  Thanks again for the hike Frank.

Snake List (1 each): Rubber Boa, Gopher Snake, Common Garter Snake

Frogs and Toads: Western Toad (4), Columbia Spotted Frog (4)

Rubber Boa
Rubber Boa
Western Toad
Gopher Snake from the previous weekend





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