The 6 snake species of Kamloops, BC

Soon after moving here almost two years go I heard of local snake guru Frank Ritcey.  I had actually found his youtube channel before moving.   I’ve had the privilege of accompanying him on several night walks with tremendous success in the snake department.  Kamloops has 6 species and I just found my last one two nights ago so am pretty exciting about that at the moment.  I’d still be searching for 3 of them (the most difficult 3) if it wasn’t for Frank.  My photos of each specie and Frank’s excellent youtube clip below.

Northern Pacific Rattlesnake hjk (2)
Northern Pacific Rattlesnake

Rubber Boa hje (4)

Rubber Boa

Yellow-bellied Racer kh3
Yellow-bellied Racer
Gopher Snake
Gopher Snake
Western Terrestrial Garter Snake jhb
Western Terrestrial Garter Snake
Common Garter Snake.  Photo comes from Wells Gray Provincial Park, not Kamloops.

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