Fieldfare in Salmon Arm chase 2.0

In mid December, someone on the Salmon Arm Christmas bird count noticed a peculiar thrush in a group of robins feeding in some Mountain Ash trees.  Photos obtained soon revealed British Columbia’s second ever Fieldfare!  Christmas and New Year business and travel resulted in me not going for it with my brother until Saturday Jan. 5.  Despite an 8 hour stakeout with plenty of people looking, the bird never showed… Instead, it showed the next morning at 9:00 am after we were both back home.  Yesterday, I made the 1 hour drive again and felt very confident as it was my birthday.  As I pulled up to the site, I could see another birder walking the Mountain Ash trees.  He had driven through the night from Vancouver to be there at daybreak.  I pulled past slowly, turned my vehicle around, and parked it adjacent to the trees.  Right away I saw a group of Robins and within a minute of putting my vehicle in park the Fieldfare flew in.  Within a few minutes it was eating berries and posing for some photos.  I stayed for another 10-15 minutes and enjoyed some more photo opportunities.  The Fieldfare has been present off and on for more than a month now and many have been able to check it off their lists.
Fieldfare ggjl3.JPG
Fieldfare jhjk3.JPG


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