Camera Trap Check Oct. 10, 2019

All of these since checking 3 weeks ago.  I told my students before we left that we would see amazing things because I didn’t have my camera with me.  Isn’t that always how it goes?  Sure enough, a Striped Skunk right beside the road and 3 Spruce Grouse including a gorgeous male at 5 meters.  The camera had also been busy

Black Bear:

Bear blog


Cougar blog


Coyote blog

Mule Deer:

Deer blog

Getting some fresh drinking water on the way back:image1 (1).jpeg

Lynx:Lynx blog.PNG

Snowshoe Hare:

Snowhoe Hare.PNG

Spruce Grouse:

Spruce Grouse blog.PNG

Striped Skunk seen along the road on the way to the camera.  Cell phone still taken from a video.

Striped Skunk blog.PNG

Spruce Grouse seen on the walk in.  Cell phone photo:

Spruce grouse



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