McGowan Park birding April 13, 2020

Thanks to Isaac for the call saying there were 4 Cackling Geese at this location yesterday so my son and I could drive over there and see them.  Cackling Geese winter in large numbers near the coast in BC but are much more uncommon here and generally seen during migration times in very small numbers.  It can be confusing separating them from the different sub species of Canadian Geese which seem to come in all shapes and sizes.  Generally speaking, size, bill size, neck length, call, and sometimes the darkness of breast feathers (depending which ssp) separate the two.  Still, identifying a Cackler should be done with caution and should probably be based off of more than one opinion.  Some photos of the Cackling Geese below and some of the other stuff there to distract me.  I didn’t do a full ebird checklist because Isaac and Tristan were covering the area with a fine tooth comb on their checklist, at over 40 when I saw them.

Cackling Goose 2

Cackling Goose 4

Bufflehead 98
Bufflehead male


Bufflehead 96
Bufflehead female
Yellow-headed Blackbird 12
Yellow-headed Blackbird





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