Greenstone Mountain Wildflowers and Mammals July 14, 2020

My wife and I took a mid-afternoon drive up to the top of Greenstone Mountain.  It was our first time up there and what a treat so close to home.  The last third of the drive near the top was alive with wildflowers and I took some photos to be identified later.  It has been a very wet late spring and early summer and I think this added to the wildflowers beauty along the road and in the meadow areas near the top.

Tiger Lily
Tiger Lily
Red Columbine2 (2)
Red Columbine
Western Spring Beauty
Western Spring Beauty
Sulphur-flower Buckwheat
Sulphur-flower Buckwheat
Sticky Geranium
Sticky Geranium
some type of Penstemon (1)
Shrubby Penstemon
self-heal 2
Rosy Pussytoes
Rosy Pussytoes
Robbins' Milk-Vetch
Robbins’ Milk-Vetch
Red Squirrel 87gh2
Red Squirrel
Yellow-bellied Marmot
Young Yellow-bellied Marmot with a Mosquito problem
Trying to take care of the Mosquito problem
Narrow-leaf Collomia (1)
Narrow-leaf Collomia
Lance-leaved Stonecrop
Lance-leaved Stonecrop
Fragrant White-bog Orchid
Not sure but possibly a type of bog-orchid
Common Yarrow
Common Yarrow
Common Red Paintbrush 3
Common Red Paintbrush
Arctic Lupine 2 (1)
Arctic Lupine
View from the top looking north with the west end of Kamloops Lake in the valley bottom
the road up is in great condition




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