Common / Pacific Loon Comparison

Here’s a shot from last weekend here in Kamloops of a juvenile Common Loon / Great Northern Diver on the left and a juvenile Pacific Loon / Pacific Diver on the right. Usually Common Loons are much larger and heavier than Pacific Loons but I believe this is quite a small Common. Side by side the Common is chunkier but there isn’t a drastic difference in size between these two (the outstretched neck of the Pacific might also make it look larger). I believe I’ve only seen Pacific Loons from BC Ferries previously where there are abundant in the area in the winter. It was a treat to see the two that had been reported here.

Common on the left, Pacific on the right. I expected to see a drastic difference in size but I believe the Common here is a very small one on the size spectrum.
An adult Common photographed here several weeks ago. Much more robust bill. Wish I could have seen/photographed this one beside the juv. Pacific Loons last weekend.
One of the juv. Pacific Loons here last weekend.

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