North American Beaver Jan. 1, 2021

While walking near a known beaver pond at Tranquille, I noticed that these normally nocturnal animals were out and about during daylight. I observed 3 individuals swimming back and forth to their lodge gathering mud from an area near the shore. Being at low elevation, their pond wasn’t completely frozen so they were able to move about in several places above the ice. I gained their trust by being there for over an hour and this resulted in them going about their activities with me within very close range. Very cool to see them out during the day.

lodge on the right and food pile ready for colder days (full ice) just outside the entrance under water
Getting mud which they transport by holding against their chin. Maybe doing some patch work on the inside of their lodge?
Beavers love bark and often strip trees that they chew down before using the wood for their dam and lodge
On the way back towards its lodge
Beavers construct ponds that are used by other species. Common Goldeneye in this case.
Full body with flat tail visible.
Clearcutting, Beaver style.

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