BC Wildlife Tracks 4

Out with Isaac this morning enjoying some wildlife tracks and gorgeous weather. It’s amazing how much wildlife is out there. All of these tracks were made in the 10 hours after new snow last night and before we arrived.

Coyote track. Notice almost no claw marks which usually separates a domestic canine from a wild one. Wild animal claws are worn down naturally and domestics need their claws trimmed.
We had light snow last night snow last night on top of old which was perfect for tracks. Coyote gait here.
Deer sp. bounding on the right and walking on the left.
Grouse sp. Most likely Dusky Grouse because we saw a Ruffed Grouse earlier in the day and the tracks were much smaller. Also, this one is a little taller with bigger strides.
Close up of probably Dusky Grouse track. They have been seen in that area on other days.
Snowshoe Hare moving to the left. Front feet come down and then larger back feet land in front. Perfect snow conditions even show individual toe marks.
They can hop quite a distance.
Another Snowshoe hare moving from top to bottom making different shapes as it hops and stops. the bottom track is more typical.
Where there are Snowshoe Hare, there are Canada Lynx. This one striding along.
Lynx have huge feet for hunting Hares in deep snow. The snow depth here was over our knees and this one was only sinking in a couple of inches.
A Moose moving along. Human snowshoe tracks on the right.
Close up of the moose tracks moving to the left.
A small rodent (mouse or vole) scampering on top of the snow. Isaac’s glove on the snow for scale.
Another small rodent track. It looked like there was a entrance/exit to an underground tunnel system at the top of the triangle.
Where there are small rodents, there are Weasels. Both Long-tailed and Short-tailed Weasels in the area. Weasels bound on top of the snow with all four feet landing and taking off from the same place leaving bounding tracks like these. We encountered 10-20 separate weasel tracks this morning. Abundant, but not usually seen.
Close up of weasel track where all four feet landed and pushed off.
Typical bounding Weasel sp.
Ruffed Grouse tracks. We saw this grouse roadside. Small feet and short legs.
Bounding Squirrel. Each imprint is all four feet but right and left legs wider than a weasel.
Different type of squirrel track. Small front feet and larger back feet. Similar shape to Snowshoe Hare but much smaller.

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