Cackling Geese at Tranquille March 16, 2021

There were 4 legitimate Cackling Geese yesterday at Tranquille. These geese are often searched for but rarely found in our area here. Mid-March is probably a great time to see them here given the early migration of geese. I wasn’t seriously birding but did have my camera on me. As I walked, a group of 4 geese flew right past me with a completely different sound/call. I don’t have much experience with this specie yet and it was great to note the totally different call. Normally one is searching through a scope through hundreds of Canada’s, trying to find one that stands out by having a much stubbier bill, a darker breast, and smallish size. There were Canada Geese everywhere in the area as well.

Cackling Geese at Tranquille
There were also a pair of Pileated Woodpeckers in the area checking out nesting cavities and feeding.

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