Kamloops Snakes Mid-August 2021

Last weekend was a great one in the snake department. My son and I were out biking and he was way out ahead of me. He found a Northern Pacific Rattlesnake while we were out biking and his wonderful father had to huff it to the spot as fast as possible. It was just off the road by the time I got there but wasn’t in a terrible hurry. We were able to grab some photos and video. Later that same night I found a Great Basin Gopher Snake roadside. The next day we were out riding in another place and my son again found the thickest Gopher Snake I’ve ever seen. Three great snakes in one weekend and we weren’t looking for them. Northern Pacific Rattlesnakes are at the extreme north of their range here in Kamloops.

They coil up as soon as they realize they have been spotted.
Now heading for a safer spot to wait until the danger passes.
Eventually it coiled up in some thicker brush.
A master of camouflage, they are less likely to rattle than other rattlesnake species. Wouldn’t be too difficult to step on one by accident. Best to keep your eyes on the ground when in rattlesnake territory. You can just make this one out right in the middle of the photo.
Great Basin Gopher Snake
Gopher Snake the next day. Hard to get the size using a cell phone camera but this is the thickest one I’ve ever seen. Probably not the longest, but definitely the most chunky.

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