Greenstone Mountain Dusk Nature Drive August 10, 2021

Isaac and I went on a nature drive up to the top of Greenstone Mountain last night. It was great to be out in fresh air and just take in whatever presented itself. We did make a bird list at the end of the drive but a lot of the evening was just exploring anything nature related. Unfortunately most of the wildflowers this road is known for were already past their prime.

Moving a Western Terrestrial Garter Snake off the road on the way up
A Canada Jay roadside
A cooperative Mountain Chickadee
The aptly named Snowshoe Hare. Check out the size of those rear feet.
We saw a total of 5 Snowshoe Hares
The old forest fire lookout at the top of Greenstone Mountain.
The inside of the lookout building complete with a wood stove, bunk bed, and guestbooks to sign.
Spotting a forest fire from the forest fire lookout. It’s a well known fire in the area that has been burning for weeks already.
Looking west towards Tunkwa Lake you can see areas still smoldering after a fire passed through. This is the west side of Tunkwa, not where the resort and campground is.
A beautiful view on one of the ponds right at dusk. You can see the smoke rising from the fire as well.
A closer view of the fire area.
A young Great Horned Owl was calling out on the way down.

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