Snakes, Bears, Toads, and Birds August 2021

A selection of recent photos

Western Terrestrial Garter Snake
Yellow-bellied Racer, difficult to see more than this on these guys.
American White Pelicans stopping in the area on their southbound migration photographed while kayaking on the Thompson River
My son and I were in the BC Wildlife Park. This is a place for injured or abandoned wildlife and they rehab and release as much as possible. While standing inside the property my son spotted this wild Black Bear casually feeding on Saskatoon Berries just outside the park boundary. It’s not every day you pay to see local wildlife in enclosures and end up photographing wild stuff from inside the property!
Steller’s Jay photographed in backyard
Male Wood Duck, the North American answer to the Eurasian Mandarin Duck
female Wood Duck
Western Toad
Northern Pacific Rattlesnake
One of the Hawk Moth caterpillars, huge.


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