BC Wildlife Tracks 9

Photos from the last few days around Kamloops. All in deep snow.

Coyote’s usually choose the easiest places to travel.
Deer jumping the fence, trotting, and then walking up the hill.
Deer trying to figure out which way to go.
Long-tailed Weasel jumping from place to place. Each divot is the front and back feet landing and pushing off from the same place.
From left to right: Long-tailed Weasel bounds, Canada Lynx direct walk, prancing Deer.
Canada Lynx
Moose stepping over this buried fence.
Moose droppings
Some type of small rodent with a tail such as a Deer Mouse

Red Squirrel going and coming in almost the same trail. Each pair of tracks is front and back feet.
This one had me stumped until a better look a couple of days later, see below. You can see the approximately size of the animal and can see it was bounding through deep snow. It obviously doesn’t have long legs.
Same track following a frozen creek but the slide on the left gives it away, River Otter.
A Short-tailed Weasel or a Long-tailed Weasel carrying something heavy. Slightly smaller divot and closer together.
Snowshoe Hare going from the top of the photo to the bottom.
This one has me stumped. Something bounding with a tail? Something bounding carrying something that is dragging on each bound? Closer together and slightly larger marks than a normal weasel track.

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