BC Wildlife Tracks 11

Some type of Grouse, possibly Dusky Grouse based on habitat
Grouse wing marks probably landing and skidding to a stop on the left and taking off on the right?
Canada Lynx gait and my gait
Canada Lynx
Canada Lynx
Canada Lynx showing the different types of snow. Probably snow blown hardened in the middle so it didn’t break through.
Moose in very deep snow almost looking like a deer with those drags
Textbook Red Squirrel track
Red Squirrel showing tail drag
Thought to be Short-tailed Weasel in very deep and light/powdery snow. Thanks to a facebook ID group for suggestions.
Snowshoe Hare activity
Snowshoe Hare and Lynx prey and predator
Snowshoe Hare on the move

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