BC Wildlife Tracks 12

Here are some track photos from the last few weeks

Canada Lynx breaking through the snow on the side of the road and eventually being able to walk on top of the crusty snow.
Most Canada Lynx tracks are not this clear. Perfect crusty snow conditions.
Long-tailed Weasel gait beside my gait. Amazing how far they can bound. This one was moving from top to bottom of the photo.
Long-tailed Weasel moving from bottom right to top left.
Long-tailed Weasel looking similar to Snowshoe hare but much smaller. Moving from bottom right to top left. Front feet land first and back feet land past the front feet and then push off.
Long-tailed Weasel. It didn’t bound as high in this picture. I love the feet drag marks and how you can see the long tubular body shape in this one.
I tracked the Long-tailed Weasel into this hole in the snow.
Most likely a Deer Mouse or something similar with a tail.
An older Bobcat track

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