Opax Mountain Hike March 28, 2022

Isaac showed me the Opax Mountain hiking trail today leaving from the north side of Lac du Bois (the lake, not the grasslands protected area). The trail moves of level open ground for the first 30 minutes or so and then turns up the mountain into the forest. It climbs steadily up but the grade is very nice for walking as it follows an old road. It was a fantastic time in the outdoors. We hiked from roughly 9:00am-2:00pm stopping wherever there was something to see. In the end we reached approx. 300-400 m past the top cattle guard where it levels out at the top.

A very frozen Lac du Bois near the trailhead parking area.
Fresh Beaver activity along the lake.
Grouse droppings on the trail part ways up. We saw several of these piles but couldn’t find any grouse.
The view at our first place to rest. Wheeler Mountain in the distance.
Coyote Scat on the trail
Pileated (possibly helped by other species) Woodpecker Tree
A Cougar track along the trail
A tree rubbed bare from a buck deer
View from the top. The red arrow shows the parking area at the trailhead.
A Brown Creeper near where we had lunch at the top.
Dark-eyed Junco
Pictures above and below shows a deer kill site. Not sure what killed or fed on the carcass as the snow was too old to reveal any identifiable tracks.
Deer track


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