Lac du Bois Road Wildlife, and Wildflowers June 24, 2022

Isaac and I went and checked on some owl boxes in the area. No owls unfortunately but 2 separate Northern Flying Squirrels were using the boxes. This is a difficult to find local mammal that is probably more common than thought. Easily overlooked. We also saw a Black Bear on our drive. On the way back, the numerous wildflowers stole our attention and we spent some time discovering, photographing, and naming them.

Northern Flying Squirrel
Brown-eyed Susan
Chocolate Lily
Red Paintbrush
Common Yarrow
Dalmatian Toadflax
Field Milk-vetch
Hillside Milk-vetch
Idaho Blue-eyed Grass (a rare one)
Meadow Buttercup
Meadow Hawkweed
Narrow-leaf Collomia
Parsnip-flowered Buckwheat
Prairie Agoseris
Prickly Rose
Round-leaved Alumroot
Slender Hawksbeard
Spear-leaf Fleabane
Spotted Coralroot
Sticky Geranium
Tall Cinquefoil
Thompson’s Paintbrush
Thread-leaved Daisy
Tiger Lily
Twin Arnica
Wild Strawberry leaf (top) and Wood Strawberry leaf (bottom)
Yellowbell Seed Pod


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