American Dipper Nest July 2022

Isaac and I went on an early morning drive and ended up along a creek known to have Dippers. He soon spotted one flying up and down the creek carrying food. With a bit of exploring, we soon found the nest site on a steep cliff ledge. Both Mom and Dad were bringing food to young ones inside the home made almost entirely of moss. In the close up photo you can see the meal of insect larvae/nymphs. Possibly Caddis Fly nymphs? A very special encounter with a very special kind of bird!

One of the parents with a beak full of nymphs.
A wonderfully built home that must always be cool or warm enough.
Another beak full
The young were not old enough to poke their heads out yet. Here, one of the adults is going in with food.
The food here looks like an adult Chironomid to my zooming in eyes.
It’s hard to call this a nest, it is more like a home.

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