Chuwhels Mountain Road Birding Oct. 22, 2022

First snow of the year at high elevations last night.
Freezing fog at the top of Chuwhels Mt. this morning

Chuwhels Mtn. Road, Thompson-Nicola, British Columbia, CA

Oct 22, 2022 9:45 AM – 11:36 AM

Protocol: Traveling

12.0 kilometer(s)

12 species

Ruffed Grouse  2

Spruce Grouse  1

Hairy Woodpecker  1

Canada Jay  1

Clark’s Nutcracker  1

Common Raven  2

Mountain Chickadee  12

Golden-crowned Kinglet  4

Red-breasted Nuthatch  5

American Robin  1

Pine Siskin  35

Dark-eyed Junco (Oregon)  45


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