Greenstone Mountain Wildlife Tracks and Moose March 27, 2023

The intention was to birding the high elevations of this mountain but the road has not been plowed recently and we were only able to make it half way up. Our attention soon changed form birds to tracks. The crusty snow made all of the tracks look different than they usually do in softer powder.

Cougar tracks above and below from a different area the previous afternoon.
A bird without tail drag. A Raven?
Coyote tracks, but one also rolled in the snow here.
Canada Lynx above and below. Crusty snow allows to actually see detail.
Snowshoe Hare
Red Squirrel above and below. Perfect snow conditions for textbook tracks. You can see each claw in the pic below.
Weasel Sp. above and below. Back feet landing in front of front feet in short bounds in the top photo. Notice the long distance between bounds below.

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