Goose Lake Road March 24, 2018

I ran out for a late afternoon/dusk nature drive  along Goose Lake Road today.  The birding was slow but steady as the weather had dipped to cold again.  A ways up the road, a Ruffed Grouse was up in the trees gorging on buds.   The Ruffed Grouse picture below was photographed through my open sunroof.  I’m quickly learning this feature on a vehicle is very conducive to birding.

Dark-eyed Junco j3
Dark-eyed junco
Black-capped Chickadee khk3
Black-capped Chickadee
Bald Eagle kk3
Bald Eagle
Killdeer khjk3
A Killdeer looking for Spring
Muskrat khk3
My first muskrat of the year
Ruffed Grouse khk3
Ruffed Grouse

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