Great Grey Owl

Great Grey Owls are residents that can be locally common in several locations in the Kamloops area.  They are the largest of Canada’s owls in terms of height and wingspan.  Only the Snowy Owl outweighs them here.  They can be the largest owl specie in the world in terms of length.  Depending on the individual, they can be taller than Eurasian Eagle Owls and the fish owl species.  With an overall height of up to 80 cms or more and a wingspan of 150 cms, they are brutes.  They hunt rodents in open areas near forests and can even drop on them in deep snow.  Their huge facial discs enable them to detect the sound of their prey.  I was happy to be shown my first one since being back in Canada recently.

Great Grey Owl jk3

Great Grey Owl bkhjh



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