Short-tailed Weasel May 24, 2020

One came in to my pishing along Goose Lake Road last weekend.  My first good looks at one and my first try at a photo as well.  They are incredibly quick and never stop long enough to even attempt at focusing a camera.  I was standing perfectly still and was worried it was actually going to climb up my pants so I backed up which made it scurry off.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get better photos but was an amazing experience.  Smaller than a chipmunk. Basing ID off of white front feet, general colour of underside, and the fact that Least Weasel would be out of range according to the best mammal guide I have (not terribly far out of range though I might add).  It was also smaller than the more common Long-tailed Weasel in this area that I see 4-5 times a year.  That said, I would love to hear from anyone with more experience who may think otherwise.  “Always learning”

Short-tailed Weasel



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