Greenstone Mountain Wildflowers July 29, 2020

A mid morning drive.  Flowers were past their prime overall but still some interesting ones.

Fireweed (2)
Yellow-dot Saxifrage (1)
Yellow-dot Saxifrage
Lance-leaved Stonecrop
Lance-leaved Stonecrop
Bracted Lousewart
Bracted Lousewart
Cow Parsnip
Cow Parsnip
Cut-leaf Anemone (1)
Cut-leaf Anemone with Common Paintbrush
Western Groundsel (2)
Western Groundsel
Vasey's Big Sagebrush (1)
Vasey’s Big Sagbrush
Showy Daisy
Showy Daisy
Fragrant White Bog-Orchid
Fragrant White Bog Orchid
Arctic Lupine 2
Arctic Lupine




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