Yellow-billed Loon in Kamloops (and another Pacific Loon) Nov. 23, 2020

Isaac was birding in the Riverside Park vicinity in downtown Kamloops yesterday afternoon and found a Yellow-billed Loon. He texted me and I raced down there after work. We eventually went to the other side of the Thompson River for closer viewing and while photographing the Yellow-billed, a Pacific Loon swam past! Two great loon species for the region (firsts for both of us in the region) in one place and even in one camera frame at one point. A huge thanks to Isaac for the tipoff and a huge thanks to the loon(s) for being such great subjects to see and photograph. At one point the Yellow-billed decided to have a brief nap right in front of us. A much better Monday afternoon than many!

The Thompson River near downtown Kamloops. Yellow-billed Loon in the right of this photo for those with good eyes.
Yellow-billed Loon. Notice the large bill with an upturned lower mandible.
Nap time
Another field mark is the lighter face
Pacific Loon
Huge size difference between the two species.


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