Beavers, Muskrats, and Coyotes Feb. 6, 2021

Went to MacArthur Island park with my son today to go for a leisurely walk. Right away we noticed a Muskrat out on the ice eating some potato chips that someone must have thrown to the nearby ducks.


Within a few minutes my son pointed out another head looking up at us.

Eyes staring back at us.
Out a little bit more
And a bit more.
Eventually two emerged and we relocated down to water level for better photos. Here is the pair heading up and over their dam to a small area of open water.
Sometimes Muskrats and Beavers are confused when swimming with only their heads out of the water. When they are seen out of the water, however, the size isn’t even close. Here’s a Muskrat dwarfed by a Mallard.
Here’s a Beaver in the same place towering over the Mallards.
Might as well pose in the sun out of the water if someone is taking your photo. Picked nice surroundings as well.
Check out that solid flat tail used to balance when upright and chewing on a tree and also as an alarm when slapped on the water when danger presents itself. A passing jogger triggered the tail slap while we were there.
Couldn’t help taking photos with such an opportunity. Beavers out of the water in the daylight and at close range with half decent light.
One of them headed up a small path into the trees and came out with something to chew on.
Encountered this Coyote earlier in the day. It looked like it had an issue with its back legs and didn’t seem in great shape.
Walking off over the hill.


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