Lac Du Bois Road Wildflowers June 2, 2022

Took a ride with Isaac last night that soon changed from birding to stopping to take in the wildflowers. Grassland at lower elevation and woodland flowers towards the end.

Arrow-leaved Balsamroot
Chocolate Lily
Common Red Paintbrush
Fern-leaved Desert Parsley
Field Chickweed
Field Milk-vetch
Heart-leaved Arnica
Large-fruited Desert Parsley
Meadow Death Camas
Nuttall’s Pussytoes
Old Man’s Whiskers
Pale Comandra
Rosy Pussytoes
Small-flowered Blue-eyed Mary
Small-flowered Penstemon
Small-flowered Woodland Star
Sticky Geranium
Thompson’s Paintbrush
Upland Larkspur
Western Groundsel
Wild Strawberry

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