BC Wildlife Tracks 11

Typical furry track of a Canada Lynx.
Canada Lynx
Canada Lynx
I believe this to be a Striped Skunk track but am very open to other opinions.
Guitar pick and size 10 boot print for scale on the same possible Striped Skunk tracks
Ruffed Grouse tracks and wing marks. Birds seen.
Ruffed Grouse landing divot and Snowshoe Hare tracks.
Ruffed Grouse in firmer snow
Snowshoe Hare in deep powder going vertical. Deer going horizontal.
Red Squirrel going vertical, textbook Snowshoe Hare tracks going horizontal
A running Moose, size 10 boots on the right for scale
Muskrat Tracks in mud with light snow in October.
Weasel sp. in deep powder

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