Slaty-backed Gull Kamloops Nov. 22, 2022

A huge thanks to a local birder for finding and reporting this gull yesterday. It took two visits today to finally see and photograph it. A gorgeous adult Slaty-backed. Another new regional bird. That’s the third one in the last 3 weeks and 1 day for those who are counting… I’m not sure what is going on but would like to keep the streak going!

Very dark mantle, almost the same colour as primaries. Also very dark pink legs.
Side by side shot with a Herring Gull, upper wing colour not even close to similar.
A juv. Glaucous Gull was also in the area but took a back seat to the Slaty-backed.


    • With a list like Beijing, it must just be a matter of time. As far as I can see on ebird, this is the first Slaty-backed in the region here which is between 300-400 kms from salt water. A nice adult too! Most of the records from western Canada are from the coast or at least farming areas near the coast. This one is hanging out with a larger group of gulls near a landfill/garbage dump. They roost on a huge sand bar on a nearby river. Hopefully it stays the winter.


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